Yes of course, the brand aims to satisfy all its customers worldwide. It is therefore important for us to deliver our products to the four corners of the world.

MCD. delivers its orders within 2 to 3 working days in France.
European deliveries can take up to 10 days depending on the weight.
A longer period for countries outside the EU, with a minimum of 15 days.

I don't overproduce. The brand is limited to a number of products and redoes production on request. Each product that can be renewed is applied.

For our basic products such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, we use a supplier with organic cotton.

Most of our employees are in France and in the European Union.

MCD. only gives access to its clothes on its own website or in physical voting thanks to ephemeral shops.
(current partnership with Citadium)

We highlight oversized cuts in order to keep a loose and comfortable fit. All the same, the brand wants to respect several codes and gives access to a wide choice of cuts.

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