MCD Division is a French brand, created by a young fashion enthusiast who fights against negativity.
Constantly solicited by the trend near his relatives, from an early age this young enthusiast had the desire to set up this project alone, with the aim of impacting the human being and the world of fashion.


    • The brand is inspired by attitudes, colors and above all by the street universe. The creator has a strong inspiration from hip hop which influenced him during his early childhood.
    • In order to differentiate itself, the brand expresses its universe by leaving the classic pieces of the streetwear wardrobe by putting a very minimalist / refined and electric style.
    • The "logo" remains important with a streetwear form that we respect and apply to remind us of our experience. Its symbol which is the eagle, represents freedom, royalty but also beauty. The eagle highlights the freedom of humans and their free will, it is our inspiration and our representation.
    • Royalty is an important element because we are all unique in this world and so are MCD clothes. Beauty and difference make things more attractive, more compelling and beautiful to look at. Pieces of bright colors but also with products specific to our identity will be represented as such.

    Despite showcasing our streetwear side of the brand, we have several goals. At times certain collections will appear on more specific themes with more elaborate cuts in order to reach a more premium category.


    MCD is for all existing individuals. Our ultimate goal is to form a single division.


    FIRST DIVISION. (Name of the first collection) 

    UNITED. (Name of the second collection) 

    We open our universe to you and invite you to take a tour of its site.