Youth and Creation

Youth and Creation

2015/2016: Marvin began to surround himself with fashion professionals while continuing his studies.

Beginning of the creation.

Coming from a small town in France, diversity was not the most developed during Marvin’s schooling, a factor that contributed greatly to his creations. Very few friends, he knew how to create a path through very difficult stages at his age.

Suffice to say that this part of the story is the cause of a different path that Marvin could take to create his own clothing brand. Inspired by his entrepreneurial father, in a time when hip hop changes and evolves positively at the same time, he will not miss the opportunity to create something that will mark this period.

Departure to Paris.

1 year later, at the age of 17, he confides in his closest friends and family. A difficult moment for him, since this project was not big enough to be seen at its fair value.
His travels to the capital allowed him to make encounters that will change the course of history :
Yoann Tamsyr (Photographe
Harry Robertson (designer
Hector superbe (press


The first collection of the brand is born, positive feedback, the first real sales of the brand explodes. This motivates the young creator who went on. 

Une époque difficile, souffrante mais à la fois brillante pour Marvin. 
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