1st pop up store MCD.

1st pop up store MCD.

Big challenge for the brand, a time when the pop up store streetwear was not the most trendy. Marvin and some friends program his first ephemeral boutique over 2 days.

At the age of 18, Marvin took the opportunity to organize his own event over 2 days, an ephemeral shop that will only grow the company and especially make it even more known. Indeed, the pop-up store has a slight success which allows several public figures to come directly to the address indicated as :

Famille Bob Sinclar (music)
Équipe 4keus (music / rap)
Lucien Jean Baptiste (

Creating a much closer relationship with the talented influencers of that time.

The shop presented the "united" collection
With the famous flagship product: crewneck orange division barré.

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